Hermits United

We meet up every ten years and swap stories about caves. It's good fun. …………............For a hermit………...........…. My names Shannon. That's the most interesting thing you need to know. Living in Texas, Learning in Arkansas, Wishing I was in England.
I'm an Illustration major, but don't worry, I won't make you look at my horrible art too often. I hardly make any anyway.
I am a Hufflepuff.
((Beware of Fandom Blog.))

Mainly Sherlock.
High Probability of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and anything else BRITISH.

Suddenly a pretty Shannon appears! ^o^

Anyway, I was experimenting with hairstyles for an event I’m going to Friday when I decided to try curling my hair again. I never do this because my hair never seems to want to cooperate. But this time it ACTUALLY DID. So I finished it up and tried out my lipstick for the event as well, and then put on a hat to cover the still ugly bits of hair… 

and voila!

Night made. <3